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Monthly Club DCP Draw

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Monthly Club DCP Draw As your club and members do the right things during the year, you automatically accumulate Distinguished Club Program (DCP) points. Finish the year with 20 members and at least 5 DCP points, and Toastmasters International will give you a shiny ribbon for your banner.

District 21 is givng you the opportunity to sweeten that deal!

For every DCP point your team earns, you will get one entry into a monthly draw for $50 at the Toastmasters International Store. You can spend that $50 any way you wish!

  • The draw will take place the 15th of each month
  • Each club revieves one entry per point earned to date to the end of the prior month
  • Entries not drawn, remain in the official draw bowl for next month's draw
  • Each draw will be done at a Toastmasters event or meeting and publicized within 24 hours (earlier if people tweet, post, share, like)
  • The first draw will happen on September 15th for points eaned to the end of August. 
  • The final draw will be held June 15th. Points earned in June will not count, so get your club points in early, often, and before the end of May!

How does your club get DCP points?

  • Submit two members' Competent Communicator education achievements to Toastmasters
  • Submit another two members' Competent Communicator achievements to Toastmasters
  • Submit one member's Advanced Communicator Bronce, Silver or Gold award to Toastmasters
  • Submit another Advanced Communicator Bronze, Silver or Gold award to Toastmasters
  • Submit one Competent or Advanced Leader award to Toastmasters
  • Submit another Competent or Advanced leader award to Toastmasters
  • Register 4 new members for your club
  • Register another 4 new members for your club
  • At least 4 of your Club Officers are trained at each of the Summer and Winter training sessions
  • Your club officer list and at least one of your memebrs dues renewals is submitted on time

There are 10 possible points. The sooner your club achieves these, the more opportunities your team has to win one of nine monthly draws. Keep doing the right things! You end up with Toastmasters cash to help your crew!

Questions? Contact Carol Carter, Disrtict 21 PQD



Are You Going to the Fall Conference?

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I remember my first conference. The people were amazing. Take the best of the best in your club. Multiply them by the number of clubs in District 21. Imagine being in the same room, learning, participating, laughing and growing with THESE people! WOW!

District Director Karen Knight had the same experience (CLICK below for her 56 second video)


We would love to see you at our District 21 Fall Conference, November 14 & 15, 2015, in Richmond, BC. Are you registered yet?

  • Learn from 2014 World Champion of Public Speaking, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi
  • Gain new skills from your choice of 2 of our 6 Education Sessions, lead by skilled, engaging facilitators
  • Meet and mingle with some of the best Toastmasters from all over British Columbia
  • Recognize and be recognized at our annual Hall of Fame Luncheon
  • Find out what is happening this year in District 21 at our semi-annual Business Meeting
  • Connect, exchange ideas, learn and create memories you'll treasure for a lifetime!

Go to for details. Out of town? Take advantage of the special hotel rate while it lasts. Prepare to "Rise to New Heights" with the best of the best in our District!

Hope to see you there!


Carol Carter, your Program Quality Director 2015-2016


What My Club Did Last Summer

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Share your Summer 2015 creative Summer Club Meeting Adventures with the rest of the District! 

When clubs get together during the Summer, they have greater success all year round. Instead of "taking a break" most of our clubs in District 21 get a little creative with their Summer meetings. We'd like to encourage all clubs to give Summer meetings a try and to make them fun and inventive in 2016.

We will post the best of the best ideas on our shiny new website when it is created!

The top 3 clubs that do the most fun and inventive Summer meeting/get-together will receive "Breaking the Ice Since 1924" Toastmasters 90th Anniversary window decals for your entire team based on your membership level at August 31st (See photo of swanky decal below).

Team members already have these classy pieces of SWAG? They make lovely awards, gifts, incentives for joining your team ... the possibilities are endless ...

Send your "What My Club Did Last Summer" short article (photos or videos will make it even better) to Carol Carter, your PQD, before September 15th. 90AnniversaryDecal

"The simple fact is that we grow, or learn, or work better, when we enjoy what we are doing ..."

~ Ralph Smedley, founder of Toastmasters International



Coming Soon! Our New Website.

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website-underconstructionIt's time. The District 21 website is undergoing a make-over. We expect to have the new website completed for the end of September. In the meantime, we ask for your patience as we have our webmaster focus his energy on creating a new spiffy website rather than updating this one. Note: We will update the most important and relevant contact information. 



"7 Out of 7 (x2) Challenge" Earn Rewards for Getting All Your Club Officers Trained!

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A team can only rise as high as its leadership. If you're a club officer, the success of your team may be limited by your success as their leader.

No pressure.

There's special training just for you! Club Officer Training is an added perk for members who rise to the club leadership challenge. This targeted training happens twice per year. The mid-year training (winter) builds on the first (summer). To set your team and yourself up for success, it's important you participate in BOTH.

Clubs who have ALL 7 Club Officer positions trained at BOTH Summer 2015 and Winter 2016 training sessions will earn a special gift from District 21!


Whether it's your first or twenty first time in a club officer role, club officer training will help you! There's always new information, ideas exchanged from other clubs, and new members to network with. Check the District 21 events calendar or ask your Area Director about the next training dates in your Division or close by.

Travelling? You can attend Club Officer Training ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Just let them know you are with District 21, plus your club name/number and send them to our website to contact our team to report your training.

What's in the care package? A shiny, limited edition ribbon for your banner, plus an assortment of useful items for your club's greatest success. it will arrive in March, just in time to help you with the April 1st dues renewal period. (Yes, you REALLY want this package!)

Remember, all 7 must be trained at BOTH training periods. When are the Club Officer Training periods?

  • Summer: June 1 - August 31
  • Winter: Dec 1 - Feb 29 (leap year!)


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